Evolve your story.  Change your world.  Forever!

It’s always better on the other side of the story…
Shelley brings her one woman show with a flexible framework that can be adapted to fit multiple events and group settings. If you are interested in bringing Shelley to your venue, she is happy to provide her blend of unique performance ability and topic specific dialogue as a keynote speaker or provide a structured workshop for group or individual participation.
She is able to work with any age group, all levels of personal needs, including assistance with social, emotional, memory, vision and auditory concerns. Private mentoring is also available.

Storytelling with Intention
As a veteran artist, experienced educator and activist, Shelley effectively uses the creative arts to inspire shifts in social consciousness and community building. Her intuitive insight brings to life relevant, possibly unexpected, stories that need to be told. Her dynamic performances resonate with people of all ages, in all stages and walks of life.

Life Story Work: Tell Your Story. Claim Your Power.
Diversity is at the heart of Shelley's work with groups, organizations and individuals. Using her own experiences, personal narratives and dramatic performance, Shelley gently and compassionately guides participants on a journey of self-discovery to find their true voice, learn how to use it effectively, and understand what stories to release that may no longer serve a purpose so that their story can evolve and empower an authentic voice.