Born to Walk Between the Worlds

I was born to walk between the worlds
Ancestor newborn
Straddling the distance between whole and cracked
Ferried along the full length of life
Mouth filled with mountain

I was born to delve between the worlds
To burst beneath the split
And wallow in the mix
Holding fast to the hollows
The truth no respecter of persons

I was born to breathe between the worlds
You who were to make me right
Twisted me left
Pinned down, cracked open and bleeding from the head

Yet I was born to move between the worlds
Despite best efforts to take my life – my light
Not Black enough Native enough
Gay enough Sane enough
I was born knowing it is not possible
To steal the Divinity of another

Yes, I was born to waltz between the worlds
In ¾ time of creative intention
Trusting nature to grow the seed
Knowing the Universe can only do for me
What She can do through me

I was born to soar between the worlds
To fire and shape the I am of an image
To rip and rock its edges
To fill and fray the fabric
As I come to life
Life comes to me
Beyond the flesh and beneath the bone
Not a mark but a gauge
By the skin of the Earth
I am the Love, the Light, the Wisdom I seek

I am the answer to my Ancestor’s prayers.