A Conscious Life – A Womynfesto

I choose to live a Big Life!
My words fat sloppy overeaters, spilling over the sides of the plate, and sticking to the table
I choose to live a fat full fleshy life
No model thin anorexics teetering on six inch stilettos

I choose to live a great big conscious life
Falling down sloppy drunk with intention
A husky size commitment to the Big and Tall, Quadruple 4XXXXX kind of life!

Portly and profound. No soaked and saturated Richard Simmons
Sweating to the Oldies, spare and spindly kind of existence

I choose to live a big fat juicy life!
Not stumbling around like some kind of blind Weight Watcher

Yes – I said it!
A Jenny Craig crunching swollen survivor
Mammoth and pregnant with what is real, what is true
That there is a conscious thread, spinning within us,
Carrying and sustaining us in the pit

Not through push or petition
But through grace

I choose again and again and again
To live a thick
Kind of life

I can.